Instructions on how to create new Bugzilla products

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  • Check if the requestor provided:
    • Name of the product
    • A brief description
    • URL to homepage
  • Check if the product qualifies to be on GNOME Bugzilla
    • Ideally it is already hosted on
    • Check the product is Free or Open Source software
    • Check for a few existing releases
    • Check that the suggested product name matches the git repository name
      GNOME Bugzilla assumes the names are the same. E.g. we provide links to GNOME git

    • Check if there is a real need for the product
      A lot of products never get used. Having a git module is not enough reason for getting a Bugzilla product, this as products in GNOME Bugzilla will be forever visible. Having lots of old modules makes daily Bugzilla life more difficult (takes more time to find the right product, more triage time, plus Bugzilla gets slow when it has a lot of products, etc).

  • Setup an EMail alias. Click Administration->Users->Add a new user.

    • As login name: $PRODUCT-maint@gnome.bugs (e.g. gnome-panel-maint@gnome.bugs)

    • As real name: $PRODUCT maintainer(s) (e.g. GNOME panel maintainer(s))
    • As password: run pwgen 20 and copy/paste one of the shown passwords (e.g. ualixaaCh5ieng6ohNah)

    • For bugmail: disable bugmail / ensure the checkbox is checked
    • Set disable text: "Dummy account"
    • Click Add
      You will now be able to give the user access to certain groups.

    • In the users screen, give the user access to the ismailinglist group. This is the second checkbox, not the first one!

    • Click Save Changes
  • Setup the product. Click Administration->Products->Add product next to the 'Other' classification.
    Admin, Bindings, Desktop, Development, Platform, and sort of Productivity MUST follow the official GNOME release suites categories. Products not accepted by the release-team must be shown under Other. E.g. if a product is a newly created development product, it belongs in Others, not Development!

    • Product: fill in the product name in small letters. Dashes are allowed.
      Ensure it has the same name as the tarballs / git repository name

    • Description: Fill in a good description. Copying two or three description lines from the product homepage can be a good idea. Users will see this and in a future version users might be able to search for a product using the description.
    • Create an initial "general" component
    • Set "Component description" to "general"
    • Set "Default Assignee" to the eMail alias created in the step before
    • Set "Default QA Contact" to the eMail alias created in the step before
    • Leave the rest as is
    • Click Add
  • Configure the initial product maintainer.
    • Find out the login email address of a product developer. Usually a developer files the product creation request, so check if the creator is one of them.
      • In case the product developer commented or filed a bugreport:
        • Click on the developers name to go to the Bugzilla User Info page
        • Click on the developers name in the top (header) of the Bugzilla User Info page. It will directly take you to the edit user page.
      • In case developer did not comment in a bug: click Administration->Users , and then fill in the email address (or the first part of it).

    • The user page shows the group memberships. Go to the line with the new product name, e.g. gnome-panel_developers, and check both checkboxes.
    • Click Save at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Give final instructions in the bug report
    • Go to the product creation request bug and use the following template to inform the requestor. Replace 'PRODUCTNAMEGOESHERE'

Product has been created.
I've set you as the maintainer.
You (and any other developer of the product) can maintain the product here

Adjust it to your liking. An initial "general" component has been created.
For any new component use 


as QA and default assignee.

Important: Anyone interested in following all bug activity
(including all maintainers) must watch above dummy user by adding
it to the 'User Watching' list under

Note: You can mark more developers as product maintainers in Bugzilla
under Administration > Users at

Note: If you would like to adjust the versions and have a version for the
latest code, please use the name "git master" for it (for consistency).
  • Close the bug report and see someone very happy soon afterwards

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