Clean your own bugs

When was the last time you cleaned out your bugs?

That's right! Most of us have submitted bugs in the past and forgotten about them. What we, the GNOME Community would like you to do is to do a Bugzilla search for bugs reported by you, and make sure the info there is up to date.

What exactly do we want you to do?

Log in to Bugzilla. At the bottom of the page you see a link called My Bugs, which will show all open bugs reported by you. Go through the list and check for the following:

  • Bugs that have been fixed in later versions - Mark as FIXED

  • Bugs that are marked NEEDINFO - Supply info when appropriate and reopen. Otherwise close.

Why does this need to be done?

There is a large amount of old bugs, rotting bugs from old versions, bugs that have been fixed in latter versions but not properly marked and so on.

Being the person that reported the bug gives you an excellent opportunity to know what has happened with the bug in question. It also helps the GNOME BugSquad in making it fewer bugs for them to triage. Also, less bugs makes GNOME Look Good (tm)

And don't forget

When you're done, you can do the same with the bugzillas of your distribution, Mozilla, OpenOffice, and KDE. A list of Bugzilla's can be found here:

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