Bugzilla for Project Maintainers

/!\ Bugzilla has been superseded by GitLab!

This is general information for maintainers of projects within GNOME specifically in regards to Bugzilla. If you are looking for other general information for maintainers, see the Maintainers corner. If you're looking for information on triaging bugs or not sure what this is then you're probably in the wrong place.

To update versions or component information

The developers for a product listed on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=browse.html are now able to add/remove versions and change component information. Install-module on master.gnome.org will automatically add the released versions if your tarball name matches the bugzilla project.

To make another person a maintainer

If you are already listed as a maintainer (check the "Developers" section at the bottom of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=browse.html for your project) and want to add someone else as a (co-)maintainer, go to [https://bugzilla.gnome.org/editusers.cgi|"Administration > Users"], enter the email address of the other maintainer, and enable the corresponding checkbox.

To add a project to the bugzilla database

File a bug under the bugzilla.gnome.org product. Include in the bugreport:

  • A description of your project, ideally including a link to the webpage.
  • Preferably a pointer to a recent release. Generally we require that projects have at least one and preferably several releases so that we know we aren't creating a ghost project in the database.
  • Whether you would like to have an "UNCONFIRMED" status for bug reports in your product, in addition to the "NEW" status (most projects do not differentiate between UNCONFIRMED and NEW).


  • We highly prefer the Bugzilla name to be the same as the git module name (which should also be the same as the released tarball name, in order install-module and various other automatic scripts to work).
  • If the project uses GNOME Git, please create a projet home page on the wiki (see https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps ).

  • The bugzilla project will have ${projectname}-maint@gnome.bugs as default qa and assignee. To receive bugmail, add that to the 'User Watching' box at: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=email

To get permissions to edit bugs

Many projects find that they have new volunteers (or old maintainers) who would like to edit bugs, but do not have permissions for this. We are happy to give these permissions out when a maintainer requests it- ask on irc.gnome.org channel #bugs. Note: Handing out edit bugs permissions is not limited to just Bugzilla admins. Various bugsquad members are able to hand them out as well.

About the -maint aliases

Many projects use -maint aliases to receive bugs. These are dummy accounts with addresses ending in -maint@gnome.bugs that bugs are assigned to. You can change your preferences to watch these accounts, allowing multiple people to receive the bugmail for a product.

The -maint alias will respect your e-mail preferences, so that you don't get mails through the -maint alias for comments you've made or actions you've performed. To create these aliases:

  1. Create a dummy account in bugzilla (Bugzilla admins can do this for you). This account will have @gnome.bugs in its name so that it's automatically marked as a mailing list dummy account.
  2. Use the 'User Watching' feature in your Bugzilla email settings prefs to watch the dummy account.

Request an alias by filing a bug against bugzilla.gnome.org.

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