Note for Users

You most likely came here because you followed a link in a Bugzilla Tip. The bug that points here is on the auto-stacktrace-reject list.

The reason simply is that there have been large amounts of duplicates reported recently. Though we do appreciate each and every issue being filed, these massive amounts mean a lot of work in vain for the Bugsquad.

Being on this list does not mean the issue will be neglected. Actually, the opposite is true. Being on this list means that we are very aware this issue is hitting a lot of users and we really need to so something about it. All the reject list is about is to reduce the work load. We only have a few hands devoting their spare time and we just got overwhelmed by our all-new bug-buddy reporting tool.

Note for Maintainers

Please see the Note for Users above. Additionally, if a bug for your product is on this list, you should consider this issue to be critical at least. This crash is highly visible to users, and should be fixed ASAP.

Note that since new (duplicate) bugs are prevented from being filed, asking for additional information is quite limited. If you still need more info, please contact the Bugsquad (especially guenther, bkor or andre) in the #bugs channel on Also, there still can and most likely will be new duplicates, since the auto rejecting is pretty strict to prevent false positives.

Note for Bugsquad members

Please see both above notes, and make sure you do understand the impact.

If you got privileges to add stacktraces to the auto-reject-list, be very careful with that tool and the UI. This is work in progress.

The auto-rejecter is way more strict than dumb s-d-f, which checks the first 5 function calls and matches them against a full comment with no particular order. As you most likely know, this frequently results in unrelated bugs being listed as possible matches. The auto-rejecter takes the first 5 'uniq' function calls and only rejects a new bug if they match in this particular order at the beginning of the stacktrace.

Each stacktrace that is going to be added to the list must be non-ambiguous. You can use s-d-f to check for similar bugs, and then check unrelated bugs in that list if they still would match according to the auto-rejecter. No false positives may match. Also, only add bugs to this list if they really got a lot of duplicates.

Whenever you add a stacktrace to be rejected, please add a note to the bug, by entering exactly this to status whiteboard:

This bug is on the auto-stacktrace-reject list. Fewer new duplicates does not indicate this issue to magically have vanished. Please see for more info.

For even more info and technical issues, see 330321.


known bugs

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