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Video and Value Brainstorm

Value Brainstorm

  • Ease / Simplicity: Finally settings which you can overcome. An intuitive user experience and a quick to learn desktop.

  • Elegance: Minimalistic and visually pleasing animations, minimizes distractions and leaves you more energy to accomplish your tasks at hand.

  • Control: A press on a button puts you in charge of windows, applications and notifications.

  • Freedom

  • Productive: GNOME provides a focused working environment.

  • Suits your needs: GNOME has hundreds of applications

  • Extensions: GNOME makes it simple to your computer to your liking.

To consider:

  • By targeting completely new users we also have to look at GNOME in contrast to other popular operating systems. Words such as "different", "a new experience", "innovation" comes to mind. A grasp of the future web society, as taken from year 2025. We need to get away from "Underground" to "A treasure to be discovered".

Video Brainstorm

  • Video about GNOME as a world. Portrayed as a world. Different countries represent different parts of the world. We have extensions. We have the applications. And we have the core part of GNOME itself - the ocean which holds everything together.
  • Stop motion? Piecs of paper which in the end fits together and creates the "GNOME" projects. Applications, extensions, GNOMEs website, the core shell.
  • Finger-man video. We use the metaphor of a Finger = two legs and the knots are eyes. The sound effects are home-made and says funny noises. However, that will not portrait GNOME as very elegant.
  • If I were to describe Extensions in a specific way and all the other things. GNOME Applications. There are many. Perhaps a glass shattering as a transition because of the amount of applications there is. GNOME Extensions. Flexibility. Fast and easy to install. Water drop. Water is flexible. Control, Effeciency. Organized. Red Thread. Streamlined. A core net of wireframe, holding things together. The Desktop. Together all of this will then provide you a simple and elegant platform which puts you in charge. Presentation of GNOME itself. No fancy transition, just fade-to-grey. "GNOME".
  • Meet X. Interviews with different people. Each person represents a component of GNOME. They will talk about themselves, how they would describe themselves. One person represents GNOME Extension. "I'm pretty flexible, I mean my wife once told me that I needed to listen to her a bit more and then wheeeush I had a Øreapparat". Perhaps a little bit too humourus way to go about GNOME? No critism.
  • A theme around "Exploring GNOME". We have a user is booting up her computer. Once she has booted up her computer she is met by GNOME Shell. The whole room she is sitting in turns into GNOME shell the walls reflect her desktop screen and we can follow her mouse going from wall to wall and elegant animations occur. Nextis extensions, this is a another person who is using the on and off switches which the whole room is filled up with. Last but not least is applications - a user is inside a sphere of applications and works with the powerful tools which GNOME has. Message: GNOME is an operating system worth exploring. Discover a new way of working with GNOME as an operating system.
  • We have users who open their windows. They start out sitting inside in an isolated room, but finally they decide to open a window and GNOME flies in (Symbol of freedom). Their computer is revolutionized as GNOME Shell appear on their computer. We use a lot of pans and then fast movement to switch between the topics we want to cover. "Simplicity / Elegance", "Freedom", "Tons of applications", "Easily customized".
  • (Mockup)We see a close-up of something falling down in slow-motion. Change of camera angle. It is revealed that what we see is a screen of GNOME shell. Some text pops up describing GNOME shell. An elegant desktop which puts you in control. Next up there is applications, which simply slide out from the bottom, as if something had went loose. We then return to the slowmotion state of both falling down and zoom in on the applications which is slowing going down to the bottom. Description of the applications goes here. We get back to total as we get out of slowmotion, applications fall out of what we can see and another thing goes loose and fall out of the GNOME Shell. Extensions. We zoom in on those and they go diagonally (to create some dramatic stuff) talk about how you can easily and very quickly customize GNOME Shell to your liking through some simple switches on a website. It ends up concluding that all of this puts you in charge and you are the one in control.

  • Essentially GNOME is portrayed as a group of puzzle pieces falling together and forms as one. As each puzzle piece falls down, we go to Slow motion mode and we see briefly what is on the puzzle piece before it continues falling down. Essentially we use the puzzle pieces to explain what GNOME is. When all pieces have fallen together and we see everything as one, it is explained why you should get GNOME. And at the end: (or

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