gnome-builder.png Builder (#gnome-builder) (Project complexity: Complex) - IDE for GNOME, written in C with parts in Python, C++ and Vala.
Mentors: ChristianHergert (hergertme)

gnome-calendar.png Calendar (#gnome-calendar) (Project complexity: Medium)- Simple and beautiful calendar for GNOME, written in C.
Mentors: GeorgesNeto (feaneron), Isaque Galdino (isaque)

gnome-todo.png Todo (#gnome-todo) (Project complexity: Simple) - A simple and intuitive personal task manager for GNOME, written in C.
Mentors: GeorgesNeto (feaneron)

Looking for a something different?

These projects doesn't follow these guidelines, but their mentors will help you

gimp.png GIMP (#gimp) (Project complexity: Complex) - GNU Image Manipulation Program is an advanced image editor written in C.
Mentors: Jehan Pages (Jehan)

gnome-nibbles.png Nibbles (#gnome-nibbles) (Project complexity: Simple) - game where the user controls a snake, written in Vala.
Mentors: Iulian Radu (iulianradu)

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