The Newcomers Guide is for developers who want to participate in coding GNOME's apps. Contributing to GNOME can be boiled down to 4 steps:

What does it require?

There are no requirements to start development. It's an advantage if you know a bit of object oriented programming and git. Patience and curiosity will help you the most. Follow our advice and etiquette for getting smoothly into the community:

  • Be patient. It can take a long time to become a proper GNOME contributor, so don't be disheartened.
  • Start small. Going big will not work for starting.
  • Take the initiative and be self driven. GNOME contributors find and decide to work on tasks on their own.
  • Provide all the information when asking a question.
  • Don't private or direct message people. Use the public IRC channels instead.

keyboard.png That's it, ready to start?

Want to contribute something else?

GNOME has many teams who are always looking for new contributors, get Involved today.

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