Developer Experience Review

During the period 25th to 29th January 2015 I'll perform a review of the developer experience. The journey starts at My goal is to create a GTK 3 application in C called "Whiteboard" using Builder. Whiteboard provides a mean to create and browse groups of files, applications, links and images. I will develop on Fedora Rawhide.


Programming Background

I've programmed using procedural C++ / OpenCV for half a year and programmed using Java / Processing for one year. There will surely be concepts of the C language introduced which I haven't stumbled upon before. I have no idea what to expect. :-)


  • Install the tools necessary to write a GNOME application in C. (so far F22 with Builder).
  • Make the project folder, define a workflow for writing and compiling.
  • Create a GTK Window
  • Define a structure which can hold filenames, application names, links and visual locations.
  • Read a pre-defined structure variable and display char arrays in the GTK Window
  • Create a function which can create sample structure variables.
  • Create a GTK headerbar.
  • Create a GTK button which calls the function.
  • Create a GTK Dialog with fields which the user need to fill. The input will upon pressing a button, be passed to a function which can create a structure variable from it.
  • Expand structure to include images.


Thoughts on the experience will be collected here.

  • What prerequisites do I need to develop a GTK application? What development environment is recommended? If it is distro-specific, then a collection of links to distro-specific guides might be helpful.-bastianilso

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