Gnome Format: A GNOME media formatter

!!!Gnome Format is not being actively developed anymore!!!

Please have a look at the Gnome Disk Utility, it is far more feature complete and will be part of Gnome 2.28.

What is Gnome Format?

Gnome Format is a tool to easily format (erase and initialize) external memory media like USB sticks or SD/MMC flash cards for your PC. It is designed for Linux based operating systems using the GNOME desktop.


How to install

You need Vala >= 0.5.1 (I think). Because Vala is still developing very fast you may encounter problems compiling with an older just as with the latest version of Vala. I hope, I can make releases in the future, for which you won't need the Vala compiler by putting the generated C sources in the tarball.

  • Get the current release and untar it

  • ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
  • ./waf
  • (as root) ./waf install


If anybody can provide packages for other distributions, I would be glad to link them here.


  • Easy to use
  • Autodetects available media through HAL
  • Supports external harddrives, USB sticks, SD/MMC cards and other external media
  • Supports FAT16/32 filesystem for compatability with other operating systems and ext2 for Linux-only users

Planned features

  • Port the app to DeviceKit-disks (when they make a release)

  • (Obviously) support for partition names (depends on DeviceKit; probably libparted can do this now, any hints?)

  • Support LUKS for encryption (depends on DeviceKit)

  • Use PolicyKit for authentication/authorization

How to get the latest version from SVN


  • Michael Kanis
  • Felix Kaser


  • Lucas Lommer, thanks for the Czech translation
  • Daniel Campos, thanks for the Spanish translation and the Debian packages

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