Wiki Problems

  • It's not easy to find the [edit] button.
  • When new users try to edit a page, they see "You are not allowed to edit this page." instead of "Please login to edit this page."
  • To login, users must click "User Preferences", which a) does not say "login", and b) does not look like a link or button. (Fixed by Curtis by using an English translation.)
    • There's no login page: Enter your user name and password, then hit RETURN: You'll be promted to provide an email adress although you're already registered.
  • You can only see the last change, not all changes.
  • Search produces an error backtrace.
  • Some nav links are shown as tiny icons in the top-right corner with labels only being shown on mouseover. There is a way to diff between older edits, but you have to click on the blue book with the ? on it, or if you're logged in and want to see the changes since you last checked the page, set a bookmark at RecentChanges then click on the "Updated' graphic.

  • Logging in and registering takes place on the same page, making it confusing.

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