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This software is not maintained anymore and archived. Links below might not work anymore.

About Wiican

Wiican assists on configuration and management of your wiimote under GNOME Desktop: it tracks bluetooth connectivity and allows create mappings to adapt your wiimote for use with any application. It also provide a DBus API, so third apps could make use of wiimote easily.

On backend it's wminput , the cwiid event driver for wiimote. Wiican uses wminput and wminput configuration files for define and use mappings.


  • Discover if everything it's ok for connecting wiimote
  • Notify the state of wiimote usaging
  • User-defined mappings creation, edition and share assistant
  • D-Bus API to manage the wiimote connections


Please refer to the Wiican Roadmap for detailed information.


Fast mapping launching menu

Mapping editor

Mapping manager


The most up-to-date documentation for users and developers is hosted in the offical wiican doc homepage.

Mailing list

There's a brand-new lower-usage-by-now wiican mailing list, join the conversation and feel free to discuss about bugs or propose new features.


Before installing Wiican, please check the INSTALL file.

Wiican it's available:

  • From sources at Wiican git repository
  • For your distribution at external sites:

Filling bugs

As usual, through the GNOME bugzilla.

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