This is not a piece of software, but a project to make sure videos from GNOME (on YouTube) get subtitles.

In order to make it possible for English speaking people with hearing disabilities or non-English speaking people to follow the videos this project aims to create subtitles for the videos and make it possible for them to be translated via the Damned Lies translation interface.

How to generate subtitles for YouTube videos

The procedure for videos on YouTube is the following:

  1. Create a transscript
  2. Upload the transscript to YouTube and let it automatically time it.

  3. Download the resulting .sbv file and correct it where necessary.
  4. Upload the corrected .sbv file to YouTube, replacing the previous subtitles.

  5. Use <> to fetch the subtitles as .srt

  6. Use sub2po from the Translate Toolkit to generate the .POT file.
    • 'sub2po -P -o name.pot'

Git module

The translations are hosted in the 'video-subtitles' Git module.

If you want a local copy of the repository execute the command

  • git clone git://

If you want to use SSH use

If you are a translator

The repository is found at git repository for video-subtitles.

If you are a translator, see the video-subtitles page on All available subtitle translation should be available at this page.

To create an .srt file from the subtitles you need to install the translate-toolkit package. Read your distribution documentation for details. For Debian/Ubuntu, you need to install 'gaupol' as well for full subtitle support.

You have translated the subtitles and you want to test them at your leisure.

  1. Obtain the video file. If the video file is from Youtube, find a way to save it locally to your computer. You may use a Firefox extension such as Video download helper.

  2. Produce the .srt file for your language. For this you need your .po file of your translation and the original .srt file in the English language. For the nkroes video see the nkroes repository page. The original language SRT file is, so download this file (click on it, then click on 'plain', finally save document).

  3. To produce the .srt file for your language, run the command po2sub -t nkroes.master.LL.po '' is the original subtitles srt file. 'nkroes.master.LL.po' the my translation. Finally, is the new SRT file in my own language.

  4. Play the video with a supported video player, specifying the subtitle file. If you rename the .srt file to have the same name with the video file, then the subtitles will appear automatically. For example, 'nkroes.flv' and ''.

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