"What's important is not that we can conceive the idea, but that when we actually test it on people you discover it doesn't work... your intuition is wrong." - Daniel M. Russell (IBM Almaden / Xerox PARC)

Usable Us"a*ble, a. Capable of being used.

The GNOME Usability Project

The GNOME Usability Project is no longer active. For current information, please see the design pages. A number of more relevant Usability Projectpages are incorporated there.

The Usability Project strives to make the GNOME experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. The project aims both to aid developers in their efforts to create intuitive applications, and to lead by creating designs and detailed mockups toward a cohesive and beautiful new generation of the GNOME desktop.

The Usability Project achieves these goals through the creation of an interface guide defining and evolving the GNOME user interface, working with maintainers to find existing interaction problems through user testing, and the visual design and interaction engineering of new desktop components.



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