Right click menu on (nautilus) icons become longer and longer. It could be difficult --- especially for new users who are not accustomed to using shortcuts --- to realize simple actions like delete or copy a file/folder. In order to enhance interaction with icons, different ideas could be implemented, like right click alternative, renaming enhancement or easy preview. The mockups below summarize some of these actions.

Mockup 1 : General interaction and renaming

Mockup 2 : Multi selection and previsualization

Right click menu alternative

Small icons could appear when mouse hovers an element (file or folder). These icons will help to execute very quickly some actions like copy/cut/paste, delete, create a link, search, compress, share, send to, etc (these action are examples and could certainly be changed by some better ones). Available actions could be different between a folder and a file and even change with MIME type of files (e.g. Open with...). Right click should not disappear but it should be use for advanced uses only. General interaction

Renaming enhancement

Users should be able to personalize the style and color of files/folders name. It could be very useful e.g. to tag important files in red ! Renaming enhancement

Easy preview

Some software already exist (like gloobus) to help previsualization. A simple mouse wheel up on a file icon could open a quick-preview tool (corresponding to the appropriate MIME type). Easy preview

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