Personas and Gnome

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

There has been a lot of talk over the years of trying to understand just "who" our users are. Personas are a classic way of capturing user information.

Describe your Idea/Solution

There are a few personas already created for various projects. This page serves a few purposes:

  • Collect links to existing personas or attempts at creating Gnome personas
  • Documenting ideas for using personas, including how to get buy-in from downstream stakeholders
  • Discussion of challenges to using and creating personas.

Approach Points

  • Needs to be done quickly
  • May need to focus on a specific project or release, rather than "Gnome personas", as then we're really just designing for everyone through all the releases

Robust Personas Notes

  • Determine user's current knowledge and target knowledge to accomplish their goal(s)
    • Let's us determine what we want to assume the user can already do (e.g. one of the web personas below doesn't even currently use Gnome - are we designing for her?)
    • Personas capture what our users currently know, and designers then design to give them the gap to achieve their target knowledge
  • Robust personas are not made up, but made up from real data
    • Does not mean permanent - must change when project functionality changes
    • Can recycle and re-use, but not duplicated across projects
  • Steps
    1. Preparation
      • Identify designers involved in efforts
      • Know feature/functionality to focus on
      • Establish schedule
      • Identify pool of candidate informants
      • Recruit informants for study
    2. Field research
      • Plan
      • Perform
    3. Analyze data
      • Write summaries
      • Establish attributes
      • Map clusters
    4. Build personas and scenarios
      • Choose pertinent clusters
      • Outline persona characters
      • Outline scenarios
      • Write personas and scenarios
      • Create final deliverables
    5. Integrate personas into development process
      • Introduction workshop
      • Update personas and scenarios
      • Create envisionments
      • Create other requirements artifacts as needed


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