keep book, ebooks or any publication reference and links

It would be great to be able to save book references and manage collections in order to :

  • Access to a list of ebooks and other electronic publications to read them.
  • Create, share, search for books, ebooks or publications (online or not) references,
  • import a bibliography in a document,
  • save online articles to disk.
  • Take notes on the publication, print them, share them.

Integration and problems

  • Integrating documents such as PDF into the application creates a risk of conflict between searching books as a leisure and managing a huge document library.
  • Dealing with articles/ebooks that are accessible on the computer and real books or non accessible books might conflict.

On epiphany-browser

  • We might make a difference between create a bookmark to go often to an adress (access to webmail quickly for example) and bookmarks used to remind a specific page (hostel page, online article etc.)
  • Users could in a single click save the content of the page, URL and metadata of the webpage (if an article, authors, newspaper etc.)

These references might be taken from epiphany

Potential solution

  • create an app that deals with ebooks only or ebooks and other publication documents (saved on the disk).
  • create another app aimed specifically to managing bibliography, research project etc. The problem of what to import in it still exist : what is a publication (which documents to import from disk to such an app ?) ? How to get metadata without the users having to fill it ?
  • integrate to epiphany a system to archive webpages and metadata for publications


  • Create a single app that include references to real books, electronic publications, available or not.

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