Draft Personas

GNOME is for users who:

  • don't care about technical implementations
  • want to get stuff done
  • use computers as a means instead of a goal
  • actually, they dislike computers really

Plumber – Joe, 63 years old

  • From Ohio, USA
  • computer neophyte
  • Independent 2 person business (1 other person employed)
  • Keeps track of appointments
  • Customer billing
  • Needs to keep track of taxes
  • Owns his own company, but pays too much taxes
  • uses the internet mainly to buy goods for his company
  • needs to keep track of sales records
  • but also guns for his spare time
  • has dyslexia, slight motor contol issues (making typing challanging), and astigmatism (so he needs a large monitor at a low resolution to see things properly).

Graphic Designer – Lilly, 25 years old

  • From Germany
  • has boyfriend
  • moderate computer user (expert in her domain)
  • other designers will be covered with a merge between graphic designer (similar design tools) and office worker (documents, etc.)
  • Likes photography

Web developer – Thomas, 18 years old

  • From Hong Kong
  • single
  • Advanced computer user
  • Web design (inherits some stuff from graphic designer here)
  • General web development, with various languages, such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Java (inherits from a programmer, somewhat, but not so convoluted (with GNU-based tools, package management, and other command-line junk etc.))
  • needs to copy files back and forth between local machine and remote server (sometimes not the whole directory, but individual files)

Office worker – Paul, 34 years old

  • From the UK
  • slight computer knowledge (often needs to ask for help from the IT dept.)
  • (manager of a team of 5 or a secretary?)
  • is an internet journalist working full time.
  • uses office software
  • exchanges documents with users of other office software (MS Office Suite, among other things)
  • talk to davelargo here, possibly...
  • uses E-mail as primary means of communication
  • is a manager of a team of 5
  • has to write reports
  • also blogs in free time
  • wants fun games to distract him from office stress
  • Married

Teacher – Patrick, 48 years old

  • From Brazil
  • intensively uses information websites like Wikipedia, Google Maps, library systems, etc.
  • Lesson plans
  • writing own lesson plans
  • sharing lesson plans with others (back and forth)
  • re-using old lesson plans (as there are only so many hours in the day)
  • it must be easy to find lesson plans from a year or two ago
  • copying and pasting, modifying old lesson plans, saving as new, & filing away the new lesson plans

  • Printing
  • Wants to use computers in the classroom
  • Likes to share stuff with his teenage kids.
  • Married

University Student – Sita, 19 years old

  • From India
  • Studies Psychology as a first years
  • uses Skype (video) & IM as primary means of communication

  • Uses Facebook and Twitter a lot
  • Important school-related tasks:
  • Writes documents
  • Collaborates with others on documents
  • Calendaring, to keep track of classes & due dates

  • Portability of files - it's common for students to be issued with USB sticks nowadays
  • Portable computing device (laptops, netbooks, etc.)
  • Printing!
  • likes gaming, especially flash-based games on Facebook

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