GNOME Fundamental User Information

[Name of Application and Version Number]

[Your Name] [Date]


This document provides basic information about users and users of the [name of application and version number] ...

[Include a brief description of the application or product.]

1.0 Users

1.1 Questions

1.1.1 Who are the users?

1.1.2 What are the different categories of users?

1.1.3 What problems in users' lives are you trying to address?

1.1.4 How will this application achieve that?

1.2 Activities

1.2.1 Accomplished

1.2.2 Planned

1.2.3 Successes and Difficulties

2.0 Usability Goals

2.1 Questions

2.1.1 What are the goals for this project, at what cost?

2.1.2 What does "ease of use" mean for this?

2.1.3 How and when were they/will they be measured?

2.2 Activities

2.2.1 Accomplished

2.2.2 Planned

2.2.3 Successes and Difficulties

3.0 User Perception

3.1 Questions

3.1.1 How do you want users to perceive this?

3.1.2 What are the marketing messages that your design should support?

3.1.3 Who are the marketing people who share responsibility for this?

3.2 Activities

3.2.1 Accomplished

3.2.2 Planned

3.2.3 Successes and Difficulties

4.0 Upgrade Issues

4.1 Questions

4.1.1 How do users transition from what they're using to this new application?

4.2.1 Are any current GNOME applications replaced by this?

4.2 Activities

4.2.1 Accomplished

4.2.2 Planned

4.2.3 Successes and Difficulties

5.0 Application Boundaries

5.1 Questions

5.1.1 Describe the boundaries of the application you are designing.

5.1.2 Describe what's on the other side of the boundary.

5.2 Activities

5.2.1 Accomplished

5.2.2 Planned

5.2.3 Successes and Difficulties

6.0 Competition

6.1 Questions

6.1.1 How do [names of competitors] do this?

6.1.2 How do their approaches compare to ours?

6.1.3 What differentiating features does our application offer?

6.1.4 What can we learn from their mistakes?

6.2 Activities

6.2.1 Accomplished

6.2.2 Planned

6.2.3 Successes and Difficulties


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