Universal Access demo

Features to show off:

  • Translations by default
  • RTL text
  • Built-in accessibility
    • Keyboard shortcuts and navigation
    • Themes - esp. high contrast
    • Sticky Keys, Slow Keys, Bounce Keys
    • Dwell click, simulated secondary click
  • Screenreader
  • Magnifier
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • Demo without the screen?
  • Dasher
  • MouseTrap or Open!Gazer (eye-tracking with just a cheap webcam)

Translations & RTL text

Prerequisites: French, English, Arabic and Japanese translations installed. Kanji and Arabic fonts installed and configured correctly, two accounts available - one for English/French, the other for Arabic.

  1. From login screen, choose a language for the session (English, French?).
  2. Connect to account and show applications, desktop menu, help in the native language.
  3. Log out, point out the language options in GDM.
  4. Log in as the second user, whose language is Arabic.
  5. Show menus (going right to left), open a text editor/office application and show text/document editing (right to left).
  6. Log out.

Talking points

  • - Different users on the same machine have different languages - All applications are translated in lots of languages (have a number handy) - High quality free fonts for Arabic, Japanese, Chinese etc.


To show you how the use of these tools is supposed to look, and to demo various features, Willie Walker put together a set of http://master.gnome.org/~wwalker/demos/.

Screenreader & magnifier

Prerequisites: Orca, LSR.

Enable accessibility technologies.

Orca preferences: disable speech, disable magnifier.

  1. Show System->Preferences->Assistive technologies preferences screen.

  2. Assistive technology enabled.

Show something useful for screenreader & screen magnifier.

Disable AT.

Note that this is very much a work in progress. Some of the things I think we should demo, I don't know very well. All help is welcome.

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