Jan 2010 User Survey Results

A survey was conducted with invitations to various usability mailing lists (Gnome, KDE, Ayatana) and other places (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). Results are compiled with initial analysis here: Respondent Data Analysis.ods

Initial 4 Types

  1. Henri the Curious Dabbler
  2. Professional Usability Tester (Medium user)
    • Medium frequency (4-8 tests per year)
    • Medium computer literacy
    • Not from a computer background
    • Morae and/or Silverback experience
    • Features
      • Mark and/or annotate specific events in the recording (task start, task success/fail)
      • Document events and test-specific notes and maintain with the recording itself
      • Access and maintain a library of videos and sessions
      • Import videos from outside the application for markup
  3. Expert Usability Tester (High user)
    • High or Extreme frequency (9+ tests per year)
    • Professional tester
    • Master's Degree related to HCI
    • Expert computer literacy
    • Features
      • Variable speed playback of session
      • Associate session with other artefacts such as surveys, task descriptions, etc
  4. Manager of Usability Team/Consumer of usability session videos
    • Observing
    • Promoted from Expert
    • Features
      • Distribute the recordings to other people
      • Create a highlight reel of the session
      • Allow outside observers to watch the session in real time from another room

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