Stuff that ISVs need

Most-wanted APIs

Missing documentation

ISV integration guide: GuideForISVs

How to make it easier to write apps that don't know which version of GNOME they are running on? Document well-known fallback methods for missing APIs? Tell ISVs to use a certain lowest common denominator of APIs? What's the lowest version of GNOME they should target (and the RHEL9/SLES9/old-gnome problem)?

Interface stability levels: SunARC

  • Ensure that all "stable/supported" APIs have documentation

Freedesktop APIs that ensure that apps run fine on $other_desktop.

Relocatability: no one uses gnome_program_init() and gnome_program_locate_file() properly. We need this in glib, need it to be easy, and need to audit apps to use it.

Problems of GNOME

Big deployments:

Need tools to make lots of similar installations easier.

Preferences through LDAP?

Sysadmin-installed desktop icons? /var/gnome/desktop-icons/*.desktop or something (what does KDE do)

Someone wanted that to be per-user (through LDAP? ~/.gnome2/share/desktop-icons?)

Well-documented, admin-friendly lockdown; well-known APIs and GConf keys. Audit apps for lockdown.

Sabayon or whatever as a first-class citizen of the desktop.

Finish the Integration Guide!

Sysadmin customization of nautilus/file chooser bookmarks.

The autostart thing.

Resurrect the brand-o-matic idea?

Set of basic documentation - see DeveloperGuides

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