From my short Report about Testing in Gnome:

Functional Testing, System Testing

Functional Testing is what is considered when we ask if something meets design criteria. It is usually pitted against System Testing, which is asking if something meets User Criteria. Both are commonly performed manually.


Features list from ThreePointFive should ideally be expanded into individual test cases.


Right now, these are sparse, and you are welcome to fill things out further.

Testing ideas

We ought to have a way of tagging these to say which version it "should" work from.

We should have a way of adding test data files and have some prepared such as well. ( Necessary for fex. Banshee, font installation and highlights in gedit )

In an ideal world, each batch of testcases that belong together should have it's own page on the wiki, this would then allow random selection of testcases.

There's quite a few other things needed here as well

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