Current tasks

Alexander Larsson, the current maintainer of Sabayon listed out the pending tasks for Sabayon in a mail to the sabayon mailing list. They are:

  • Look through bugzilla
  • Fix the firefox settings backend that keeps duplicating bookmarks on each login
  • Make another pass through gnome to make sure don't write things unnecessary to gconf on login/startup.
  • Additions to the gconf backend to make it bunch together some related settings with nicer descriptions
  • More settings backends (openoffice, kde, common apps) so that more apps can be handled
  • Write docs on how to deploy sabayon
  • Talk to actual deployers of sabayon and get feedback

To-do list

If you see an item here which does not yet have a corresponding bug in bugzilla, and if you start working on that item, please open a bug and link to it from here.

  • Roundtrip test suite. We should have an automatic test to ensure that packing the home directory from a user profile, and then unpacking it, yield the same results. This means: same files and directories (except ignored ones), same file permissions, same contents (may need some machinery to handler "unordered" files like %gconf.xml data). (Do we need to preserve the atime/ctime/mtime of files?)

  • Hook bug-buddy to Sabayon. When we hit an unhandled Python exception, nothing happens. Bug-buddy should come up and let us submit a bug report. We should attach the log info (from "dprint()" everywhere) to this bug-buddy report.

  • Example (123456).. This is an example item, which you can cut and paste as a template.

Sabayonizing applications

Integrating Pessulus into Sabayon

This is a to-do list to move Pessulus under the Sabayon source tree, and yet be able to run Pessulus as a standalone tool.

  • Move the sources into the Sabayon tree (not done). How do we preserve the SVN history? Can we copy some files on the SVN server, or is there a more automatic way?
  • Merge the translations into sabayon/po (not done).
  • Move the .desktop file from Pessulus (not done).
  • Move pessulus/ChangeLog to sabayon/ChangeLog.pessulus-old
  • Move the Pessulus page's contents into this page.

  • Close bug 346890, which is about updating Sabayon to the latest Pessulus.


  • 2007-07-12: Tagged Pessulus with PESSULUS_BEFORE_MOVE_TO_SABAYON (tag revision 309). Tagged Sabayon with SABAYON_BEFORE_PESSSULUS_MOVED_IN (tag revision 762).

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