Helping out with Sabayon

Maybe you're looking to get involved in a Free Software project, but don't know where to start. Maybe you've heard that contributing to a Free Software project is a sure way to Fame, Fortune, and Personal Fulfillment (r)(c). Maybe you're just bored. Well, no matter what the reason, you've come to the right place! Boy, have we got some nice small bugs for you to sink your teeth into and make a difference! Learn valuable Free Software skills you can use in other projects, even your own! Obtain the key to all your self actualization goals, and become rich and famous just like that Twighlight guy, whoever he is. Hey, if nothing else, it's something to do.

Bite Sized Bugs and Feature Requests

Got something small you'd like to see added to Sabayon? Post it here.

Bugs with the "gnome-love" tag

Wanna help out? I've got some bugs in the database that are tagged with the "gnome-love" keyword, these should be fairly easy for a budding programmer to sink their teeth into:

Easy Bugs

From now on, any easy feature requests we get posted here, I'll enter into GNOME's bugzilla, and tag with the gnome-love keyword.

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