/!\ This page is obsolete as GNOME has switched to using Git.

For gnome.org SVN modules that no longer have active development, there is a special place: The SVN Archive. The SVN Archive can be browsed at:


The SVN Archive is a place where old modules can be kept for historical purposes, without interfering with current development at svn.gnome.org. Since it is only for historical purposes, the SVN Archive is kept read-only. See also http://mail.gnome.org/archives/devel-announce-list/2007-December/msg00000.html.

Requesting a module be moved to the SVN Archive

If you find a module at svn.gnome.org which lacks any current development (a "dead" module), please request it be moved to the SVN Archives, but first make sure to contact all the maintainers to find out if the module is actually dead. Then, send an e-mail to svnmaster@gnome.org requesting it be moved to the archives. Please make sure the mail contains at least the following details:

  • The module name.
  • Why you think it should be moved to the SVN archive.
  • What maintainers you have contacted (and at what e-mail addresses), and what responses (if any) did you get from them.

The gnome.org sysadmins need to be able to verify this, so please include the details.

Requesting a module be moved back from the SVN Archive

If you think a module has been moved to the SVN Archive in error, or if you want to continue development on a module, you can request it be moved back from the archives. This is usually no problem at all; just send an e-mail to svnmaster@gnome.org listing the module name and explaining the reasons for why you want it to be moved back.


Make sure to verify that the module is actually dead and that the maintainers agree with the move, or that they are somehow missing in action. Then log into socket and issue a simple mv. It's as simple as this as the pre-commit hook denies any changes to svn-archived modules.

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