GNOME Research & Development

1. Goals & Research

Pages who work on long and short term goals for the future of GNOME.

  • GnomeGoals - Concrete goals for GNOME, suitable for inexperienced programmers

1.1. Development Branches

2. Debugging & Development

Pages that help programmers or discuss certain topics.

  • GnomeLove - an initiative that aims to help people who want to get started contributing to GNOME.

  • Debugging Gnome components - Environment variables to get log output

  • BackTalk - Collect good debug information from GNOME applications

  • Bloopers - Learn from mistakes

  • DevelTools - Bring more developers in through better tooling

  • ReleaseSets - a proposal on a set of official GNOME release sets that follow the now famous GNOME release cycle and get pokage from the release team.

  • scons - Explore the possibility to replace GNOME's build system from autotools/make to scons/python.

  • GnomeRecipes - Howto program common task in Gnome world.

3. Refactoring projects

Pages who are related to more than one project or are not (yet) a real GNOME project of their own.

These propably be should be on ModuleMaintenanceWorkspaces

5. Random pages

  • AppIntegration - How can applications work better together? (Rich clipboard, drag and drop!)

  • GnomeMaps - Working with maps in GNOME.

  • High5 - Bumping people up to first-class objects--er, citizens via new infrastructure and applications

  • UnixPowerForDesktop - Bring all UNIX power to the desktop.

6. Discussion pages


I hav tried to sort things a bit because the list grew more and more. This sure needs more clean up and maybe different headers. But I hope this helps to once get a better overview. -- ThiloPfennig 2008-02-15 14:00:58

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