Project Hamster

Head on to the homepage to find out more about Project Hamster.



Project Hamster is under new management and currently undergoes major refactoring. Please see our homepage and the repository for more information!

Whilst we very much appreciate the gnome projects support and target as our main platform right now we currently do not have any designated workflow in place. If you wish to get in touch with us to talk about further integrating Project Hamster into GNOME please drop us a line.


Project Hamster has moved to Github.


Project Hamster is now part of GNOME! We are now working on migrating all the resources to the official GNOME infrastructure.


Proposed Project Hamster to inclusion for GNOME 2.24 and starting to migrate stuff. Any way or another, we have to get closer to GNOME. Plenty of stuff still is in project's page in wordpress - check it out!

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