An inexpensive UI lab

All you need is a running installation of GNOME and a web cam.

Get it!

To check out with git:

git clone git://


  • instanbul
  • gstreamer-0.10
  • more stuff I guess :)

How to use

  1. Place a poor friend/family in front of the computer.
  2. Make sure they understand that it's a test of the software, not their computer skillz

  3. Run pongo in a terminal

  4. Ask the person do some stuff, like send a e-mail or something.
  5. When done, bring up the terminal again and stop Pongo with ctrl+c
  6. Thank the person who helped you do the test
  7. Publish it on the web somewhere and share it with your friendly GNOME hackers.

Rough list of possible future ideas

  • Output video size?
  • Show video on/off? (maybe as different export options)
  • possibility to publish to a specific gnome UI website(?)
  • ability to take notes before/after test?
  • capture Keyboard/mouse events pongo-mockup.png

    • Would be great if we could see the click indicator on the screen where the click was performed. Maybe like a heat map or a simple ripple effect? That way we don't have to take our eyes off the cursor to check what button was clicked. Just in case they move the mouse quickly after clicking and then clicking again. (KirkBridger)

  • Eye-tracker (?!)
  • Ability to make sure the camera works beforehand (or a warning before starting the test if it don't?)
  • Collecting previous sessions in some kind of collection view.
  • If possible, don't have a menu entry called preferences (but really, really sane defaults).

Misc (because I can't come up with a better name for this section)


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