Using parts of GNOME in your project


GNOME provides a big software stack that is useful on Unix- and non-Unix-Platforms and various types of device. The GNOME project itself of course focuses on a desktop but we love to see our components used in other desktops or completely different applicances.

GNOME technology gives you a stable base you can build upon without having to maintain each and every piece of code. And for GNOME there is a benefit if you contribute patches back to the project and help fixing issues - a win-win situation!

How to get involved?

If you found a piece of software that is potentially useful to your project - contact us. There are various ways and usually there is contact information in the README file of the repository. If you fail to reach a maintainer directly for some time don't hesitate to ask on

Please don't fork!

Forking software should really be the last resort when all parties agreed that the goals are so different that it is impossible to keep it in the same codebase. Forking takes a lot of effort and creates the extra burden to keep the projects in sync with security- and bugfixes. This has been tried many times before and often failed!

We want you to use our software

GNOME as a project and all the people involved are really interested in people that use the software provided in different ways!

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