Paperbox is a document browser.

It lets you nicely view your ebooks, office and text documents and organise them by tags.

Relying on Tracker, it is able to instantly discover all documents on your desktop, and present them in a convenient way. Tags and other metadata are shared across all Tracker-based applications.

See it, use it



Tarballs are available from GNOME servers. Latest released version is 0.4.4 (see release notes).



There is a full resolution screenshot, a screencast of version 0.2 in action on youtube, and a full resolution screencast file.

This wiki contains the following subsections:

  • /Installation page tries to provide help to people who want to install the program from source

  • /Contrib for information on contributing to the project

  • /Roadmap for the development roadmap


Marko Anastasov

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