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Dynamic Starter Applet

  • A Panel applet which shows me the top ten of the applications I use.

The idea is an applet which notifies the applications I start, out from the menu, (Applications - top panel) and counts the usage how often I start such an application. Then there are two (main) preferences: Number of items to show and time (in days) to look for often usage. So I would prefer 10 items and 7 days.

The purpose is that I sometimes work more on web-pages then I have something like gimp, eclipse, inkscape,... in my panel but when I work for university I have more emacs, R(gui), gnumeric, in my panel. Things like evolution, firefox, pan, gnumeric are always favourites. This panel would provide me a dynamic way to have the correct icons up there.

Does anyone support this idea?

novell's/opensuse new menu applet has this functionality built-in. The problem is that it needs a patch not yet included in gnome to generate a file with the most used applications. Here's the bug in ubuntu:

"Desktop Daemon" Applet

I'd like an applet that is similar to the current application launchers but that toggles a background process on or off. When first clicked it would launch its background process and visibly change state. When clicked again it would stop the background process (perhaps after confirmation or only via the context menu).

This would be great for applications like SSH tunnels, the MoinMoin desktop edition and many other apps that I want to run in the background and monitor but not to take up screen real estate.

Even better would be for the applet to automatically launch a foreground task to talk the the process after the background process has initialised. Perhaps clicking the applet when the process has started would open a new foreground app rather than killing the background process.

Mulimedia Controls

  • Controlling VLC and other Media Programs from the panel.
  • Not visible until program is open.
  • Minimizes the Program to the Notification area.

More Workspace Switcher Preferences

  • Show Workspace Numbers/Letters in the switcher.
  • Show Workspace Names/Numbers/Letters in the switcher without removing the visual representation of the workspaces.
  • Using the Super key instead of "Alt + Ctrl."

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