A meeting in between the people from SPain, and DebianEdu in Norway and a lot of others.

Spain - Linex

In Spain (The pourest region) they have implemented 80.000 computers, connected via Internet. The Distribution is Linex, based on Debian, and with Gnome. The penetration is 2 child per computer. They dont use Computer classes, They actually have 1 pc pr 2 student in every classroom. This project has saved 4 000 000 000 ptas. This Is saving of Software licenses only. In addition there is som spinnofs, 99 persons now working with developing Software.

Deployment an architecure:

  • Some local people are employed to manage this network. The architecure is based on thick clients. Local Companies is deploying

Brasil - Intellisentros:

  • Sant Paolo is 28 Millione people. 3 millinon people of these does not have anything electronic equipment.

    3 years ago, the r was a new major. -> digital inclusion. 105 Telesentros, 20-30 computers, using LTSP These Telesentros, hold Courses, 20-24 hours, and people actually get employed afterwards. 10 million euros was used last year for this

== Norway - Skolelinux: ==

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