This page has relatively short-term stuff people are working on. (See OnlineDesktop/Tasks for the features/brainstorm page.) Feel free to edit this page if you are actively working on stuff though and want to let others know what you're up to.

Current Items

  • Colin: GNOME Accounts: formalize the creation and use of accounts on Create a clean signup procedure for initial login to the Online Desktop. Provide generic (probably encrypted) storage for your account that can be used for things like Tomboy notes and IM logs. Implement at least one real use of the storage.
  • Marco: Improve the people stock; switch integration of the Online Desktop from Pidgin to Empathy and get rid of all the workaround hacks we are doing currently in our Pidgin plugin.
  • Marina: Turn the Bigboard account system into a D-BUS service exposed to the desktop. Figure out a clean story for how accounts and account passwords work in GNOME. Provide patches to use D-BUS service in several relevant applications (IM, F-Spot <=> Flickr accounts, rhythmbox <=>; things like that.)

  • Owen: Make Bigboard seriously blingy. Implement some of Mike's more aggressive designs. Use a physics engine (krh's? something else?) for nice sproinginess. Look into the new panel ideas (awn, future gnome panel versions), and try to make Bigboard not something separate but part of standard future GNOME panel.

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