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Developing the Online Desktop

Get the Source

If you're interested in getting the source code for the Online Desktop we highly recommend using Jhbuild. Use the online-desktop moduleset in Jhbuild and build using the following. See our OnlineDesktop/Jhbuild for full instructions.

jhbuild -m online-desktop build -a online-desktop

To run you'll need to log into a new session using the following. At this point you should really read the OnlineDesktop/Jhbuild instructions.

jhbuild run od-session

To get the Big Board client use the following command, see OnlineDesktop/Sidebar for more information

  svn co bigboard

To get the Online Desktop client components use the following command, see OnlineDesktop/Components for more information

  svn co online-desktop


See Owen's Data Model blog entry for information on the OnlineDesktop/DataModel which connects the client and server.


The server provides the backend component for storing desktop information across multiple machines and users. The server in itself is not a photo or bookmarks service, but more of a directory of services you already use. See OnlineDesktop/Server for more information about server development. Currently we are using a "re-branded" Mugshot server as the basis.


The Online Desktop has several client components, the major visible components are the [OnlineDesktop/Sidebar Big Board Sidebar] and the OnlineDesktop/Engine which is a split of the original mugshot client component. See OnlineDesktop/Components for a full list of the client-side components involved.

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