Here are the slides and the successive versions of the file for "Creating an Online Desktop Sidebar Widget for Your Service" talk for GUADEC 2008.



Slides that introduce background concepts such as HippoCanvas and org.gnome.OnlineAccounts DBus service, as well as show how to create a Twitter stock step-by-step.

Hippo Canvas Example


A simple example for how to use HippoCanvas. Displays ellipsized text and an image aligned at the right of the window.


Displays a place holder Twitter stock on the sidebar.

Changes for version 2

Get user's Twitter account from the accounts system, display it in the stock. Add a button that opens an accounts dialog for Twitter.

Changes for version 3

Add More button that lets the user visit

Changes for version 4

Check user credentials by using liburl2 to make a request

Changes for version 5

Use AsyncHTTPFetcherWithAuth from bigboard/bigboard/libbig/ to make the web request asynchronous. Add some style in stock.css.

Changes for version 6

Add an entry box for entering status and a character counter. Submit the status to Twitter on Return key press.

Final version of

Use a polling task to make periodic requests to Twitter. Use python-twyt library to get friends' status updates. Make calls to python-twyt inside a thread. Display friends' statuses in the stock. Use slideouts for displaying details of friends' statuses.

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