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Components in the online-desktop package

Currently the online-desktop subversion module contains a number of components.


The Online Desktop session differs from the traditional GNOME session in the following ways:

  • OnlineDesktop/Sidebar is started by default

  • Firefox is started by default
  • Pidgin is started by default
  • Bottom panel configuration contains sidebar toggle, task list, clock, and tray area


The web login driver is a small daemon which is intended to solve the problem of logging in multiple times to web-based services. Essentially, it watches passwords which are entered into Firefox, and notifies other components of the desktop like Pidgin and sidebar widgets.

Pidgin D-BUS plugin

Adds a new D-BUS interface to Pidgin which addresses design flaws in the default API.

Mailto handler script

This script is intended to handle mailto: links by using your preferred web mail service, but it is not yet complete.


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