Online Desktop

The goal of the GNOME Online Desktop is to adapt the desktop to become the perfect window for online applications like GMail, Photobucket, Facebook, EBay, Wikipedia, and countless others that user and developer momentum is shifting towards. Read more about our goals.

Online Desktop Talks at GUADEC 2008

/CreatingSidebarWidget - slides and step-by-step file versions explaining how to create an Online Desktop sidebar widget

Trying the Online Desktop

Getting the Online Desktop up and running is fairly easy, you'll just need to grab some packages from your distribution or you could grab everything from jhbuild and see the latest. Check out the instructions at /GetRunning for the details.


There are lots of components to the client Online Desktop as well as the server, see the development page to get the code and get started.


More pages


Software Components

  • /Sidebar - designs and information about the big board sidebar

  • /Components - client side components

  • /Server - server side components


  • /Sprints - current and future items people are working on

  • /Tasks - TODO list items for the Online Desktop

  • /Ideas - brainstorming ideas for Online Desktop


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