New focus on development! Several new features are planned for upcoming releases. Help is wanted.


  • Automatic updating of listings
  • Migration to DBus Applet

    • This is needed to get rid of bonobo dependencies
  • xfce panel applet frontend
  • Localized time (12h/24h, dates,...)
  • Improved configuration wizard
    • Current wizard forces the user to select monitored channels by pressing yes and no in an embedded terminal
  • Use setuptools instead of autotools
    • No C left in the code base. Might as well use something more python friendly
  • GSettings migration

    • Also a flat file backend is planned for platforms that don't support gconf/GSettings
  • Database backend for storing shows
    • OnTV uses too much memory. Currently, the only time all programs need to be displayed is in the search window. Therefore, sqlite or gdbm might replace the pickling of the listings
  • Hildon frontend
    • I want to run OnTV on my N900
  • PyGI migration

3.3.0 (next release)

  • Improved channel reordering
  • Gnome applet can be enabled/disabled at build time



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