These are notes for working on or using the work Luis has checked into microtinder in GNOME CVS. It isn't much- basically a small, crappy shell script and a couple patches to jhbuild. But it works, which is more than anything we have right now ;) and my hope is that others will build on it going forward. So here are my notes on getting it set up. There is also a /ToDo and a /RequirementsDoc for those who'd like to replace my crappy hacked setup :)

Discussion of patches, bugs, changes, whatever, should be on packaging list.

To run the microtinder

do: (note that ~/bin/ must be in your path)

  • cvs -d checkout microtinder [this cvs includes a copy of jhbuild]

  • cd microtinder
  • "./"
  • "./ test" This will fail, because the odds of your box having all the right build dependencies are low. Fix them as you see them, and run " test" again until you have a successful build.
  • Once you have a successful build, run "" and watch the web_output/ONGOING/ dir. :)

If you would like to be on email luis the web location of your output.


  • full build setups- gcc, cpp, etc.
  • lots of disk space. The current script doesn't ever clean up logs.

Things that would be good to have installed/set up, but aren't mandatory

  • ccache, to really cut down on compile time

  • cvsup, for a local cvs mirror to speed up checkout time (since we do a total complete checkout every time we build, even on a fast connection 'cvs co' takes up a big, big chunk of build time.) Note that we do a complete, clean checkout every time because our goal is to test what builds with a clean CVS checkout, not what may or may not build in a semi-clean checkout. cvsup allows local caching while still testing a totally clean build.
    • jhbuild tinderbox command already has options for -c (clean) and -a (run autogen). This patch tries to utilize it.

    • DanWinship: there are often bugs in packages where "make clean" cleans too much or too little. (eg gnomebug:158213, fdo bug 1845). Having microtinder catch these would be useful.

  • a public web space so that others can browse your logs.


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