Ok that's one is an idea i had today, hoping that i'm putting in the right place. I've seen in many screenshots that many people like to work with many programs opened at once (feed reader, music player, browser), and usually, many of them like to divide them among different desktops, so i thought could be interesting put something on the menu (i think one like Slab) to recall more than one program with just one click, i would like to put about 3-4 buttons like those, we could call them: office stuff (email/pim program, word processor), graphics stuff (foto viewer/editing, pubblishing software and so on), browsing (music player, browser, feed reader).

I think that as the "multi programm session" starts the button have to change in "close session" and when clicked a save and exit dialog popup (for example you would like to do not close all programs)

People have to be able to set as many sessions configurations as they want, and change the default ones.

Ok it's not a big improvement.... but it could be useful when you do always the same things turning on your pc

A more incremental idea

  1. allow launchers that launch several programs at once


  1. when windows are grouped in the task bar, consider a set of programs launched in this way to constitute a group (this would allow them to be exited together easily)

and possibly also

  1. allow launchers to specify a workspace on which to launch the program(s)

-- GregKNicholson 2007-07-28 01:34:58

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