Mango is our accounts administration application, available at It is primarily intended to allow the accounts team to maintain the users and groups held on our LDAP server. It has also been extended to manage our FTP mirrors database and foundation membership management database, held in MySQL.

Ross Golder hacked most of it together, based on some ideas from the original command-line python scripts that JonathanBlandford wrote. Baris Cicek worked on adding the foundation membership functionality.

See FAQ for many common questions about Mango.

Using it

To log into Mango, you just need an LDAP account with a password set on it (i.e. using ldappasswd). For now, you will need a member of the sysadmin team to help set this up.

The account will need to be a member of the 'sysadmin group, 'accounts' team group or the 'membctte' (membership committee) group in order to be presented with the relevant links in the menu, or access rights to the relevant scripts.

The source

Read-Only clone URLs:


Or browse the source in cgit.

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