This page is about the Gnome/Gtk+ side of the Maemo platform which also has its own web page:

Maemo Gtk+ 2.10

  • /MaemoGtkChanges

    List of changes that are in maemo-gtk 2.10 but not in upstream GTK+.


    Changes between upstream GTK+ 2.10 and Maemo-gtk 2.10. All changes that divert Maemo-gtk 2.10 from upstream GTK+ must be documented on this page.


    List of maemo-gtk features being contributed to upstream GTK+ by feature.


    Initial Maemo-2-10 migration stubs


    Upstream improvement backports to maemo-gtk.


    Overview on using Maemo-2-10 specific Gtk+ patches.


    Maemo-gtk-2.6 -> Maemo-gtk-2.10 migration guide; discusses how to adapt applications using maemo-gtk 2.6 specific patches to maemo-gtk 2.10.

Maemo Gtk+ 2.6

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