Unique is now in maintenance mode, and its usage is strongly discouraged.
Applications should use the GtkApplication class provided by GTK+ 3.0.
If you are using Unique, read the GtkApplication porting guide provided by GTK+.


Unique is a library for writing single instance application. If you launch a single instance application twice, the second instance will either just quit or will send a message to the running instance.

Unique makes it easy to write this kind of applications, by providing a base class, taking care of all the IPC machinery needed to send messages to a running instance, and also handling the startup notification side.

Unique aims to replace the BaconMessageConnection code that has been copied by many projects and the code using Bonobo and D-Bus.


  • simple API, easy to subclass
  • custom commands
  • bidirectional communication channel
  • signal based
  • commodity API for sending raw data, plain text and URI lists
  • multiple backends (changeable at runtime)
  • released under LGPLv2.1
  • fully documented



Example Code

  • /Example - Simple example code showing how to create a single instance application using LibUnique

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