The LGO ( wiki is a wiki that contains many aspects and views of GNOME (developers, users marketers). Before you start contributing here you should make yourself familiar with this wikis concepts.

Wiki Concepts

  • Everybody who is registered can edit Everything.
  • Old Revisions can be restored.
  • Users can watch RecentChanges to see what has been changed lately.

  • If you Subscribe to a page you can get emails every time the content is changed.

Hints for Collaborative Writing in a Wiki

  1. Avoid to use "I" perspective
  2. Try to use DocumentMode instead of ThreadMode

  3. Try to make a page as simple as possible and as complex as it is needed.
  4. Be courageous in editing but respect the content others have contributed.
  5. Your best contribution is refactoring and cleaning up what you have contributed yourself. If everybody would do this, pages would look much nicer.
  6. Be patient. Maybe take a day of instead of interfering intos somebody edits. Maybe in a few hours thing already look differently. ( or if things are really worse restore an older version)
  7. {i} Recommended additional reading: GoodStyle (external)

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