Read entire equation in calculator display


  • Use as a normal application, but note that there will be special readings for some of the buttons, in line with the mathematical pronunciation, for example, "square root" is said instead of "ess cue ar tee".
  • You may find that you need to have the calculator reread everything that has been entered. Use the hotkey listed above to have LSR read the equation that's in the display.


  • You cannot use this perk when "Use arithmetic preference" is unchecked in the View menu. This may be fixed in the future.
  • Any error messages that show up in the status bar are not read by LSR. This is due to a bug in the calculator application, which must be fixed before the Perk will work. Note that sometimes, the bug does not show up, so LSR will read the status messages in those cases. Do not expect or depend on this behavior, however.

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