Translation Guide

Creating a translation for LSR is a straightforward process, once you have the template for the translation. There are two approaches you can take to making this template: generating it yourself or asking one of the maintainers to email it to you.

Generating the template

If you decide that generating a template is too complex for you, skip to the next section, and the continue with the remaining instructions.

1. Get the latest LSR source code from subversion. See the section of the LSR/GettingStarted Getting Started guide. 1. cd lsr/po 1. intltool-update -p

Asking for the template

If you generated your own template, skip to the next section.

1. Send email to asking for the template. 1. Patiently wait for a response.

Completing the template

1. Open the lsr.pot file you generated or received via email. 1. Fill in the header comment. Simply replace the CAPITALIZED WORDS with the proper values. 1. Fill in the header fields. Again, replace CAPITALIZED WORDS with proper values. 1. For each msgid English string in the file, type the proper translation in the msgstr field below it.

  1. Be sure that all replacement fields (e.g. %s, %d) appear in the translated string
  2. Be sure to read any translator help comments provided.
  3. Ask for help on if a string is ambiguous.

If you are a member of the GNOME translation team, please commit your translation directly to subversion and make a note of your work in lsr/po/ChangeLog. If you are not a member of the translation team, please email your work to

Thanks and happy translating!

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