How to contribute

  1. Create an account on this wiki by activating the login link.
  2. Return to this page.
  3. Select attachments from the drop-drown list on this page.
  4. Click Browse to select your extension and click Upload.
  5. Activate the edit link on this page.
  6. Make a copy of the extension description template below and complete it. The template is valid MoinMoin wiki text.

  7. Move your new entry so that the page is sorted alphabetically by extension name.
  8. Save your changes to this page.

== Extension name ==
Download: [] [[BR]]
Author: <your name and email address> [[BR]]
License: <name of the license> [[BR]]
Description: <brief description of the extension> [[BR]]
Dependencies: <comma separated list of LSR and external dependencies>

Audible Reminders

Download: reminder.tar.gz
Author: Peter Parente <>
License: BSD
Description: Example extension. Turns any text area into an audible todo list.
Dependencies: CliqueAudio, DefaultDialogPerk, SettingsChooser

Pictorial Reading Aid

File: reading.tar.gz
Author: Peter Parente <>
License: BSD, PSF
Description: Example extension. Shows Flickr images for selected words in any text area.
Dependencies: Beautiful Soup (included)

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