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June 4, 2007

LSR 0.5.3 is released. This version is the final snapshot of LSR as a screen reader for GNOME. See the mailing list post about the future of the project for more information.

Contact information

Questions and comments about LSR can be posted to the community mailing list at lsr-list@gnome.org. You can make casual posts to the mailing list without subscribing. To subscribe to the mailing list, either visit the mailing list web interface or send an email to lsr-list-request@gnome.org with subject "subscribe".

The project maintainers tend hang out on irc.gnome.org in the #lsr channel. Feel free to visit us.

Bug reports and requests for enhancements should be filed in Bugzilla. Please review our current list of bugs before you file a new report. We appreciate your feedback!


Source Archive

Click here to download the latest release. Then follow the getting started directions to build, install, and run it. You may also browse the FTP site listings if you wish to find an older version.


Alternatively, you may fetch the bleeding edge LSR source from Subversion. The getting started guide details how to use svn to fetch, build, and install it.


Generous third-parties have decided to build and host packages of the stable releases of LSR. There may be some delay between our source code release and the creation of these packages.

RPMs and yum

Thanks to Janina for adding LSR to her speakupmodified.org repository. To use this repository, enter the following:

sudo rpm -iv http://speakupmodified.org/speakupmodified-release.rpm

Then use yum to install or update LSR:

sudo yum install lsr

debs and apt-get

Thanks to Luke for packaging LSR for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (v7.04). If you're running Feisty, you should be able to enter the following to get the latest stable build of LSR:

sudo apt-get install lsr

conary and Foresight

You should be able to install LSR on ForesightLinux or other conary distributions via:

sudo conary update lsr


You may find extensions submitted by third-party developers on the extensions page. Take care when using these extensions as we have not verified them.

Presentations and Publications


Developer resources

Python developers who wish to contribute to the LSR project should review the following documents:

Additional resources for learning and coding Python are available at the following locations:

Maintainer resources

The following materials are here to aid the maintainers of LSR;

Deprecated user resources

The screen reading extensions for LSR are no longer in development. For historical purposes, the draft user's guide is still available for the curious.

Frequently asked questions

See the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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