What's new : Solang, a young image manager project, is using Tracker to get images and tags ! Awesome ! But I think a big work need to be done on the UI side, I mean un-geek-izing it ;)

I'm looking up for a good images management tools for Gnome; but I didn't find anything really awesome.

So here are some ideas for an awesome Gnome images manager:

A good images manager should feature tags management, faces recognition, GPS data use, great support for sharing (Webservices, mail, IM, CD...).

It also have to have a clear UI and be rapid to load images and itself.

SO, this manager should use Tracker as database for images. Here is a hand-drawn mockup of the UI



Well, I really speak too much to say nothing so here is a list of what a could make an awesome images manager; Please add your ideas if you read this page:


  • Import from Camera or Memory Cards with automatic detection of doubles; Devices should be listed in the sidebar
  • Automatic detection of events (with time period) and faces recognition


  • main menu bar
  • contextual toolbar

three modes:

  • Library (shown in the mockup)
  • Folder
  • Edit Image

Images display area

when in brower mode :

  • different according to the "browe mode" (events, persons, tags...)

when in edit image mode:

  • follows the HIG : when I scroll with the scroll button of my mouse I don't want the image to be zoomed (F-spot) or to go to the next image (gthumb) ! I just want to move in the viewport !


  • For services that support post-management like facebook, picasaweb...
    • Add a button in the UI to quickly send a picture
    • Add a category in the sidebar which lists your online albums and permits you to edit them; dag n drop on an album to add an image to this album
  • For other things (twitpic, email, IM):
    • Just add a button in the UI
  • Export to CD

Images Edit

  • autmatic corrections


  • Auto organize by events, places, faces and tags
  • Easy tagging (e.g. press a key (e.g. "a") to tag an image when in image view)

Technical things

  • Use Tracker to store pictures and infos; this permits fast search, whole desktop tagging....
  • Create reusable widgets
  • Try to don't reinvent the whell with export as many code yet exists

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