Issues raised at ISV BOF

Working Around Existing Bugs

  • Even if a bug is fixed in a subsequent release, an ISV is stuck dealing with any previous release that it claims to support.
  • More explicit versioning can help with detection of bugs to workaround them.


  • Working around broken themes is a constant headache.
    • Certain elements may only render correctly in certain themes
    • Some themes specifically ignore certain actions, such as setting the background colour of an EventBox.

    • GTK-QT-Engine is evil. Has it been dropped in SuSE 10?
  • Symbolic Colours
    • The initial discussion of symbolic colours was ver promising, but seems to have stalled.
    • Right now, something as simple as colouring a hyperlink is impossible to do in a theme-safe manner.
    • Insert link to symbolic colour wiki page here.

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